• Processing Plant
    Best quality shrimps processed with care in the form of head on shrimps, peeled shrimps,
    cooked & peeled and different forms according to customers' requirements.


Individual Quick freezing (IQF) technology used will be latest and indigenous. It helps to maintain fresh and quality seafood and minimize drip loss. With IQF Seafood, the cell destruction that is caused during the process of refrigeration is minimized thereby maintaining the flavor and texture of the product, even after defrosting. IQF is a technology originally developed by Frigoscandia Equipment as a specific solution to block or cluster-freezing of small-sized products, to preserve quality and to give unparalleled convenience to end-users. Quick Freezing is the only process whereby, virtually all the properties of most of the parent food stuffs can preserved.


The technology of IQF involves three sub sections:

Processing Equipment
Individual Quick Freezing Equipment
Auxiliary Equipment

Processing Equipments

Processing equipments involves Pea Podder, cross collection conveyor for peas, waste collection conveyor, bucket elevator, Winnower, Fruit/Vegetable washer, Inspection Conveyor, Pea blancher, After cooler, dewatering conveyor, grain recovery system and potato dicer etc. Controlled In feed Pre Cleaning Washing Freezing IQF Inspection Cooling Blanching Packaging Cold

Our Processing Plant